Pennsylvania Representative Introduces Legislation That Would Protect Elders From Violent Workers

A story on the website reported that on May 4, 2009 Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak introduced legislation to keep workers with violent histories out of long-term care facilities. The bill H.R. 2223, the Patient Safety and Abuse Prevention Act, will stop individuals with criminal histories from working in long-term care locations by creating an all inclusive country wide system of background checks. The legislation would broaden an extremely successful three-year pilot program that stopped 7,000 applicants with a background of continued abuse or a violent criminal record from working with and victimizing our elders and individuals. These efforts should help lower incidents of nursing home abuse in Philadelphia.

Congressman Sestak said, “The measure of a society is how well it looks after its most vulnerable citizens. Every day, too many of our Nation’s seniors and disabled become victim to physical, emotional, or other abuse. This legislation will help prevent those abuses by ensuring the patients in long-term care will not be at the mercy of those with a violent or criminal past…our most vulnerable citizens deserve better, demand better, and this bill is an important step in implementing the safeguards they need.”

Chairman of the Special Committee on Aging, Senator Kohl, said, “We have hard evidence that this policy will work and will protect lives. It is vital that this legislation moves quickly, and I look forward to working with the Finance Committee, the elder justice community, and Congressman Sestak in the House to make that happen.”

Philadelphia nursing home abuse and neglect consists of bedsores, open wounds, cuts, bruises, dehydration, malnutrition, weight loss, burns, falls, bowel impactions, medication errors, poor personal hygiene, verbal or physical abuse, over-sedation, and other cruelties. People in nursing homes may not be able to speak for themselves or may be afraid to speak about their conditions or what they see and hear going on around them. Nursing home abuse is a crime against the sick, helpless, and elderly.

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