Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Safety Inspection Program Still Going Strong

A recent article on highlights the effectiveness of Pennsylvania’s vehicle inspection program. On average, about 11 million motor vehicles are inspected by mechanics in the state. Recently, the state’s neighbors, Washington D.C. and New Jersey, have ceased their inspection programs, citing that irrefutable evidence does not prove that they are essential. However, Pennsylvania state officials believe otherwise.

A 2009 report ordered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) concluded that research clearly demonstrated that the state’s Vehicle Safety Inspection program is successful and saves lives. According to the report, without the inspections, the number of fatal traffic accidents in Pennsylvania would potentially increase by between 127 and 169 every year.

Safety inspections are mandatory in less than 20 states in the U.S., which is down from a peak of about 31 several years ago. In 1976, the federal government lost its ability to enforce safety inspections on the states, and soon after, states began to abandon the safety inspection programs. At this time, Pennsylvania does not have any plans to stop its inspection program, a spokesperson for PennDOT states.

An additional study by Missouri, which does require vehicle safety inspections, found that one in 120 fatal accidents in the state involved a vehicle defect between 2006 and 2008. In contrast, one in 84 fatal crashes involved a vehicle defect in states that do not require safety inspections or have limited safety inspections.

The cost of a vehicle safety inspection in Pennsylvania varies, and a spokesperson for PennDOT notes the cost is driven by the market, and not the state. The average cost of an inspection runs from around $16 to $23. Adding to the cost is emissions testing, which costs about $40. In total, it is estimated between $267 and $621 million is paid by New Jersey residents to have vehicle safety inspections completed.

Thankfully, Pennsylvania has chosen to do its part to protect the safety of all motorists on the road by requiring state residents to have their motor vehicle inspected on a regular basis. These inspections help reduce the number of unsafe vehicles that are on Pennsylvania roads, which helps prevent fatal traffic accidents. Although the state’s Vehicle Safety Inspection program does not guarantee that all unsafe, defective vehicles will be prevented from use; anyone who is injured in an accident involving a vehicle that malfunctioned or has a flawed design would be advised to consult a Media, PA auto product liability attorney to learn their legal rights. Contact the lawyers at Anapol Weiss today for a free consultation.

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