Personal Injury Law Firm Anapol Schwartz Announces Launch of Nursing Injury News Website

The personal injury law firm of Anapol Weiss is happy to announce the launching of its nursing injury news website: In dedicating over 30 years to helping those injured while on-the-job and due to the negligence of others, Anapol Weiss is at the forefront of assisting injury victims receive full compensation for work-related injury, illness, assault and abuse. The debut of Anapol Weiss’s nursing injury website aims to provide updates on nursing injury news; serving as a valuable legal resource for nurses who have been hurt at no fault of their own while trying to do their job and help others.

The new nursing injury website hopes to help nurses better understand what qualifies as injury in the nursing profession and the possible legal avenues one may take to hold negligent employers accountable for their oversight or disregard. The website provides information about bed transfer injury, hazardous substance injury, equipment and appliance injuries, physical assault, physical exertion, slip and fall injuries, workers compensation, unsafe working conditions, MRSA infection, and much more.

Nursing injuries may occur at a hospital, medical facility, or at a private residence. Such injuries can take place for several different reasons, many of which circulate around unsafe working environments, improper training by staff members or employers, or various other types of negligence or reckless action on the part of a nurse’s employer. To learn more about nursing injury and what legal options may be available to you if you’ve suffered a nursing injury, please visit or call (866) 735-2792 for a free consultation with one of the skilled nursing injury attorneys at Anapol Weiss.

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