Personal Injury Law Firm Anapol Schwartz Announces New Zocor Side Effects Website

Personal Injury Law Firm Anapol Weiss is proud to announce the debut of its new Zocor drug side effects website: The new website contains valuable information about the Food and Drug Administration’s recent warnings of serious health risks and side effects linked to Zocor use. Anapol Weiss welcomes visitors of the Zocor website to learn more about Zocor through pages covering Zocor FAQs, warnings and recalls, kidney failure, side effects, rhabdomyolysis, simvastatin, about Zocor, and Zocor lawsuits.

Zocor is manufactured by Merck & Co. and was approved in 1991 for consumer use in the U.S. With the patent for Zocor expiring in 2006, the market for generic brands grew; however, in 2008, the FDA issued the first of many warnings linking Zocor to incapacitating muscle injury, kidney failure, and other serious side effects. Anapol Weiss’s new Zocor website is available as a resource for those who have suffered injury or experienced a new medical condition as a result of taking the cholesterol lowering drug.

Patients and consumers who suffer health problems due to dangerous drugs or poorly designed and manufactured pharmaceuticals have the right to pursue compensation for damages associated with their injuries. Victims of pharmaceutical negligence should not seek legal counsel and representation from just any attorney. A skilled products liability lawyer with many years of experience in pharmaceutical negligence litigation can help those afflicted by Zocor and other drugs receive full and just compensation. If you or someone you love has sustained rhabdomyolysis, kidney failure, or another side effect from taking Zocor, please visit Anapol Weiss’s new website or call our Zocor injury attorneys at 866-735-2792 for a free consultation.

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