Philadelphia Law Department Urged to Sue CVS for Selling Expired Products

The website reported in an account on March, 25 2009 that Philadelphia community groups and city council members urged the city’s law department to sue the drugstore chain CVS for continually selling expired products and exposing the public to unsafe drugs in Pennsylvania.

Shelley Smith, city solicitor, was called upon during the City Hall Press conference to follow California and New York legal action suits taken against CVS. CVS was sued in December by New York State for the sale of expired products. Edmund Brown, California’s Attorney General, requested in June 2008 that the pharmacy remedy its problem after coming across 26 Southern California stores. Currently, California is pursuing suing CVS.

Lance Haver, Philadelphia Community Affairs Director, said, “CVS should spend the money it needs to clear the shelves of expired products that are putting our children at risk.”

Maria Quinones Sanchez, Councilwoman, said, “CVS has been caught selling expired products in our City and around the country. It is outrageous that we are here today calling on a corporate citizen to remove dangerous products from the shelves.”

Expired products found at 15 CVS stores in Philadelphia ranged from infant formula, to over-the-counter medications, and dairy products. Tablets to treat allergies were over a year old and baby’s gas relief medicine was nearly two years expired.

Bill Greenlee, Councilman, stated that legal action was required to protect the community from dangerous items sold at CVS drugstores.

Consumer class action lawsuits in Philadelphia are among the most effective tools consumers have at protecting their power over the marketplace. When a large corporation does something that adversely affects a large group of people, a class action lawsuit enables all of the affected people to act with one voice.

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