Philadelphia Law Firm Anapol Schwartz Helps Local Community

Anapol Weiss believes in not only helping accident victims find justice in their cases, they also believe in educating and helping those victims, and others like them, recover and lead happy, productive lives, as reported in The Legal Intelligencer.

The Anapol Weiss Foundation was founded in 2008 and recognizes and awards local nonprofit organizations who “serve victims and their families and fund research and programs which advance health and safety.” The firm believes it’s important to contribute to local charities as their goal is to give back to the Philadelphia community.

The firm’s lawyers utilize their clients’ interests in order to determine where the focus of the foundation will be. For example, the first grant that the Anapol Weiss Foundation ever awarded was to the Burn Foundation. In an auto product liability case where a young child sustained catastrophic burns, the firm took its earnings from the verdict settlement and granted $25,000 to the Foundation, which created a mentorship program that placed burn victims with burn injury survivors in order to help victims and their families lead more fulfilled lives.

In addition to local charities, Anapol Weiss has also donated to larger nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Philadelphia, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and more.

As plaintiffs’ attorneys, we see a need to help those who have suffered and who are suffering. Looking ahead, the Foundation hopes to fund educational programs for those who have sustained brain or spinal cord injuries and would like to go back to school for occupational therapy, nursing or physical therapy. That way, those victims who have suffered can help others who are currently dealing with the injuries that they themselves endured.

Anapol Weiss isn’t in just to win cases, we’re in it to give back and ensure that the Philadelphia community thrives. To learn more about who we are and the causes we support, visit our website at

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