Philadelphia VA Hospital Medical Malpractice Allegation Against Doctor

A Philadelphia doctor has admitted to botching dozens of prostate cancer surgeries at a Veteran Administration hospital stating that he sometimes missed his target while implanting radioactive seeds, leaving patients with incorrect dosages. According to this Associated Press news report, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has found that 92 out of 116 men treated at the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia in the hospital’s brachytherapy program received incorrect doses of radiation seeds. The doctor in question performed a majority of the procedures under a VA contract with the University of Pennsylvania, where he was on staff.

During a Senate hearing, the doctor admitted that he never informed patients about his errors. He argued that this does not amount to “substandard care” because brachytherapy is still an “evolving field.” A 68-year-old victim of this medical malpractice in Philadelphia testified that he lost his job during the five months he spent in bed after the doctor implanted the seeds into his rectum instead of his prostate in 2005. The VA misdiagnosed his condition stating that he was suffering from hemorrhoids or constipation. But the problem was eventually diagnosed as a radiation burn and the man had to undergo surgery to get it corrected.

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