Plane Crashes During Landing, Girl Survives

A report stated that an Airbus 310 jetliner from the island nation of Comoros had crashed into the ocean on June 30, 2009. Facing daunting winds, the plane carrying 153 passengers was unable to maintain itself in the air and plummeted into the Indian Ocean as it was attempting to land. According to authorities, five bodies have been found and a 14 year old girl miraculously survived the crash.

Aviation officials had warned of faults with the plane just two years before this tragic accident. Chief Mohammed Abdul Qader, Yemeni Civil Aviation Deputy, told reporters that the plane was flying against 40 mph winds in the middle of the night. Rescue efforts were unsuccessful and limited due to harsh weather conditions including strong winds. Qader reiterated to the press that all efforts were being made to locate the flight data recorder.

This Yemenia plane crash is the second Airbus to go down in June. On June 1st, an Air France Airbus went down in the Atlantic killing all 228 people on board. That plane is also believed to have been flying through a storm. Officials have not located the flight box in that crash and it is feared the 30 day beacon will soon run out of strength and prohibit any chance of finding out exactly what went wrong. Inspectors from the French Aviation had found a “number of faults” in 2007 after an inspection.

Plane crashes are extremely difficult for families to deal with, as some people lose several family members when planes go down. The families of those killed in any plane accident deserve to know what caused the disaster. If there was any sign of negligence on the part of the manufacturer or airline, then they must be held accountable.

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