Port Vue Dog Attack Injures Five-Year-Old Girl

A five-year-old Port Vue girl was attacked by a pit bull belonging to her neighbor, according to a recent report by ABC affiliate WTAE. The pit bull got out of the neighbor’s yard while the neighbor was not home and attacked the girl just as the family was gathering in their own yard to watch the Fourth of July fireworks. The girl was bitten on her head and dragged before getting away from the dog.

The girl’s father pulled the dog off the girl, who ran back indoors. According to the father, the pit bull tried to chase the girl into the house, and then bit the father when he would not let go of the dog. The animal prevented paramedics from entering the house until police arrived and shut the pit bull back in his owner’s apartment.

Both the girl and her father are expected to make a full recovery, but may have to receive rabies shots, as the dog was not vaccinated. The dog is currently under quarantine.

Dog bites in Philadelphia can be highly frightening, especially to children. They can also result in severe injury, including the risk of contracting a disease from an animal that is sick or has not been vaccinated. Dog owners have a responsibility to ensure that their dogs are kept in secure areas where they will not pose a risk to neighbors or passersby.

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