Pregnant Woman Struck, Killed by Motorcycle in Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident reports a 28-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant was hit and killed by a motorcyclist in Philadelphia late Monday night, April 11. According to the article, the woman was walking home at approximately 9:30 p.m. when a motorcyclist traveling northbound struck her as she attempted to cross Roosevelt Boulevard, close to Lexington Avenue near a marked pedestrian walkway.

The woman was transported to Albert Einstein Medical Center shortly following the Philadelphia pedestrian accident but died soon after. Doctors were not able to save her unborn child. The motorcyclist sustained head injuries and a broken leg in the accident and is reported to be in stable condition. The fatal pedestrian accident is under investigation by police motor vehicle accident experts. At the time the article was written, no charges had been filed against the motorcyclist.

There is currently no stoplight at the pedestrian crossing where the woman was hit, although there is one a few hundred yards north. However, in spite of the designated walkway, the area appears to be especially dangerous for pedestrians as the walkway is in the middle of a winding, descending curve. It is also an area where motorists are known to speed, despite two recently installed traffic cameras at nearby intersections. A tree that is a few feet away from the accident site is known locally as “Dead Man’s Tree” as it has been struck many times by speeding motorists. Persons interviewed for the article recalled a woman who was killed several years ago while crossing the same place as the pregnant woman.

When an accident occurs on a road that is poorly maintained, offers poor visibility, has dangerous curves or is otherwise inherently dangerous, injured victims and the families of those killed may be able to hold the city or state government that oversees the roadway accountable.

In a dangerous roadway accident, it will need to be proven that the roadway significantly contributed to the accident, and that the city or state government that oversees the road was aware of the hazardous conditions yet did not fix the problem. At Anapol Weiss, our Philadelphia wrongful death lawyers have the skills and experience it takes to hold negligent parties accountable for a fatal accident. To learn how we can help during this difficult time, call 1-866-735-2792 today.

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