Radiation Overdoses Linked to Hospital’s Mistake

A recent latimes.com article has left patients and citizens throughout the United States horrified and concerned about the quality of care provided during CT scans and other hospital services. According to the report, over 200 brain scans for potential stroke patients on a CT scan machine at Cedars-Sinai in California were conducted at eight times the normal level of radiation. Apparently many cases of radiation overdoses at the Los Angeles based medical center have been connected to a mistake the hospital made when resetting a CT scanner to accommodate new protocol for a specific kind of scan used to identify and diagnose strokes.

What is even more shocking is that this serious hospital error went unnoticed for 18 months. The problem was brought to the attention of the hospital in August 2009 when a stroke patient told the hospital that he had begun to lose his hair after a CT stroke scan. A hospital spokesman told reports that the CT machine was used for other kinds of scans, but that the re-set error only affected the potential stroke patients. However, each patient who received the CT brain perfusion scan procedure for stroke diagnosis was exposed to the radiation overdose. The hospital has found and gotten in touch with 206 patients who were subjected to the overdoses at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. After doing so, the hospital discovered that approximately forty-percent of the patients had endured sporadic hair loss and many of the individuals also showed signs of reddening of the skin.

Although this example of medical malpractice took place in California, similar incidents of hospital negligence have been known to impose detrimental consequences for innocent patients in the State of Pennsylvania. When medical professionals at a hospital fail to provide patients with the quality of care they are required to, or in incidents where a patient is treated poorly, abused, or neglected by a hospital staff member, then a claim may be filed against the hospital and/or medical professional for negligent business practice.

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Source article: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-cedars13-2009oct13,0,1200257.story?track=rss

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