Reckless Driving Leads to Fatal, Allentown School Bus Accident

When we walk our children to the bus stop before school, we take for granted that sound judgment has been made in regard to the bus driver selection process. As a recent Los Angeles Times article explains, a driver’s history is often a good indication of future action, and paying attention to that history, at least in this case, could have prevented both injury and the senseless loss of life.

Reportedly, a school bus was involved in a fatal accident after its driver turned in front of and collided with a Honda Civic. The accident resulted in serious injury to the driver and took the life of the vehicle’s passenger. What makes this incident even more problematic is that the driver was previously involved in a cell phone related accident in 1999 in which he ran a stop sign, consequently taking the life of a 2-year old girl.

According to the article, the bus company that employs the man, Student Transportation of America, reasoned that while they knew of a traffic infraction in the driver’s past, they did not investigate it because the statute of limitations for investigations of such driving infractions is only five years. The driver had an otherwise clean driving record, came highly referred from his previous employer, and even completed safe-driver training prior to employment. However, regardless of whether or not such statutes had expired and such an exemplary driving record after the fact existed, one could argue that transporting children is a job that requires a more thorough background check, and that a complete driving record should have been fully taken into consideration.

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