Record Medical Malpractice Verdict Overturned in NJ High Court

The New Jersey Supreme Court has overturned a $75-million medical malpractice award given to the parents of a boy who suffered brain damage as an infant when he was deprived of oxygen following surgery in 1998. According to a news report in the Insurance Journal, the justices reversed the damages citing “numerous trial errors and other problems.” According to court documents, the child now suffers from significant intellectual, verbal and neuron motor deficiencies and requires constant care. The justices also said in their ruling that the trial jury in Essex County was unnecessarily exposed to bias against medical professionals during the jury selection process.

This case illustrates the complexity of medical malpractice cases as well as the devastating impact it could have on the injured victims and their families. In this case, it involves a child who has suffered brain damage as a result of medical negligence and will probably never be able to function normally for the rest of his life.

Pennsylvania hospital negligence and medical malpractice claims help such victims obtain compensation for the damages they have suffered. Where it involves young children who have suffered brain damage because of surgical errors or birth injuries, the money obtained helps create a secure future for them, given their permanent disabilities.

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