RIP to a Philadelphia Original: Dick Clark

Was American Bandstand the original reality TV or a prelude to Dancing with the Stars?

The “stars” were everyday cool Philly kids who were good dancers and slick dressers. If you didn’t live in Philly, you wanted to go there; you wanted to be on the show; you wanted a glimpse of Dick Clark; and you wanted to rock and roll your heart out. You wanted to come from school and forget about doing chores or homework and just be left alone in your own little world to watch American Bandstand.

More than anything you wanted to be a “regular” on American Bandstand even though you lived nowhere near Philadelphia or Pennsylvania for that matter.

Dick Clark, the man behind all this magical music making for the Baby Boomer generation has died at 82. According to the New York Times article, TV producer and host Dick Clark died of a “massive heart attack” after a medical procedure at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica.

What medical procedure?

America’s oldest living teenager suffered from Type 2 diabetes, a stroke, and heart disease prior to his death.

New Years Eve will never be the same again.

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