Schuylkill Expressway Truck Accident Kills Man Due to Neglected Faulty Brakes

The website reported in an article on March 17, 2009 that a semi truck had been cited time and time again for faulty brakes and operating with a falsified inspection sticker purchased at a Philadelphia shop. This truck crashed into stopped traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway in Janury, killing David Schreffler, father of three. The investigation of the Pennsylvania truck accident lasted seven weeks and now the driver Valerijs Belovs, 55, of Northeast Philadelphia is being charged with vehicular homicide.

Along with Belovs, the co-owner of the 18 wheeler and a garage owner were charged with vehicular homicide, which authorities say is rare in these cases but shows how seriously they are taking the case. All three are now sitting in jail.

Risa Vetri Ferman, Montgomery County District Attorney, stated that the auto accident in Philadelphia should serve as a wake-up call. She said, “It’s a death machine. The take-away is that these machines are all over the road, and people are going to get killed.”

Ferman added that the 18 wheelers worn-out brakes were unable to slow down the truck in time before it crashed into traffic.

Accidents involving trucks account for over 130,000 injuries in the United States. There are 5,000 deaths each year and close to 35% of the injuries are catastrophic. Trucks over 10,000 pounds (semis and tractor-trailer) represent only 3% of all registered vehicles but are responsible for over 25% of vehicle related deaths. The most common causes of truck accidents are unsafe driving, driver fatigue, oversized loads and mechanical negligence.

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