Sewickley Sewage Plant Fall Kills Worker, 3 Others Hospitalized

A Pennsylvania man from Baden was killed when he fell 30 feet down an underground shaft where he was working at a sewage treatment plant in Sewickley, an Associated Press article reported. The man had radioed for help after becoming faint and tried to climb out of the shaft, but fell. Three workers who tried to help the man were hospitalized after they were overtaken by fumes. At the time of the article’s release, it was unclear whether the deceased man’s cause of death was due to toxic fumes or the fall.

Although officials are not sure what type of gas it was that the workers inhaled, emergency crews found a small amount of methane in the area. The plant is owned by the borough of Sewickley and is in the process of getting a $5 million upgrade to the area that the deceased man was working on.

Workplace accidents in Pennsylvania can occur in any profession, but are more common in occupations that require employees to work at high altitudes, around heavy machinery or where there are chemicals or other environmental toxins present. Unfortunately, serious injuries and, in some cases, wrongful death can be the end result of these types of on the job accidents.

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