Shark Nips Diver in Workplace Accident

The Philadelphia Daily News reported recently that a volunteer diver at Adventure Aquarium was bitten in the ankle by a tiger shark. The diver accidentally bumped the shark while climbing on the platform that leads into the shark’s tank. The shark retaliated by nipping the diver in the ankle. The diver was treated at the scene and later at a local hospital, receiving several stitches for the bite. He has recovered and has since returned to the aquarium.

The aquarium’s director described the shark bite as a “workplace incident” that is not uncommon in aquariums with captive sharks. He said the bite did not concern the aquarium staff because it was not a random, unprovoked bite. Rather, it was the shark’s response to being jostled by the diver.

Tiger sharks are a favorite in aquariums for their size and ferocious-looking teeth. Tiger sharks can grow to be ten feet in length and weigh several hundred pounds, with rows of large, jagged teeth. Despite their appearance, however, tiger sharks are not known as a deadly species. Only 29 attacks by tiger sharks on humans have been documented, and only two of those attacks were fatal.

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