Shopping Center Evacuated: Employees and Customers Feel Sick after Smelling Gas

A recent article from reported that a Giant Food Store was evacuated after multiple customers and employees (approximately 14 all together) complained about feeling sick and having trouble breathing after smelling gas within the building. Six of the sick individuals, two Giant customers and four employees, were taken to local hospitals in Maryland for evaluation. According to the article, no gas leak was discovered on the premises and officials are still not sure what made the individuals sick.

After evacuating the building shortly after the several reports of people feeling ill, a hazardous materials team responded and investigated the possibility of a gas or Freon leak. However, these possibilities were cancelled out, with no other explanation discovered or provided. As a safety precaution for people within close distance to the area in question, police temporarily closed off certain access points to the shopping center where the Giant Food Store is located. Many other surrounding businesses were also evacuated and others were left to make their own determinations whether or not to evacuate.

A spokesman for Giant Food Store released the following statement: “The store manager became aware that a couple of our customers became ill and some of our associates reported feeling ill, and immediately evacuated the store…obviously the safety and well being of our customers is our number one priority.”

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