Suffering Encephalopathy after Receiving a Vaccine

Last year, vaccine injury lawyers Larry Cohan and David Carney achieved a $9 million settlement with a lifetime payout of $40 million on behalf of a child who developed encephalopathy after receiving the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine.

Encephalopathy is a life-threatening medical emergency that requires hospitalization. Patients who suffer encephalopathy after a vaccine may suffer a seizure, brain damage, or temporary or permanent loss of consciousness.

Vaccine injury victims who develop encephalopathy after receiving a vaccine may never be the same again. Patients with encephalopathy may experience a significant change in mental status such as confusion, delirium or a coma. They may not be able to make eye contact or respond to their environment.

Cohan and Carney’s young client who suffered encephalopathy as a reaction to the varicella vaccine is left with a life-long developmental delay and intractable seizure disorder. The vaccine injury settlement will make it possible for him to receive comprehensive treatment and care for the rest of his life.

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