Teenager Drowns in Beaver River

A sixteen-year-old boy drowned in a section of the Beaver River upstream from Fallston Bridge in New Brighton recently, according to Pittsburgh ABC affiliate WTAE. The boy was swimming in the river with friends when he was pulled underwater by an underlying current. The remaining teenagers immediately called local emergency services for help.

The first responder to the scene was a Fallston firefighter, who tied a rope around his waist and entered the river in search of the missing swimmer. However, recent rains had stirred up sediment in the river, making the water murky and reducing visibility. The firefighter was unable to find the sixteen-year-old during his search and had to return to shore. Additional search crews searched for about an hour before they recovered the swimmer’s body from the scene. Police are investigating the incident.

Swimming is a highly popular activity in the hot summer months. But swimming in moving water or waters not specifically indicated for swimming, like a river, can be dangerous. Fast-moving water can hide strong currents or hazards like rocks. It is important to heed any warnings posted by local authorities or by private landowners.

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