Teenager Falls Down Manhole While Texting

A teenager fell down a manhole while texting on her cell phone, according to a recent article released by NBC’s Philadelphia affiliate. The fifteen-year-old girl fell four or five feet to the bottom of an open manhole while her vision was obscured by her cell phone. She suffered some scrapes on her arms and back. The girl was also severely shaken up by both the surprise of the fall and the unpleasant experience of landing in a sewer pipe. She was examined at a nearby hospital and then released.

The manhole cover had been removed by the Department of Environmental Protection, which planned to do some work in the area. Apparently, the employee who opened the manhole had turned his back to fetch some orange road cones intended to warn pedestrians about the hole. None of the department employees were watching at the moment that the teenager fell into the manhole, though they removed her promptly after her fall.

The family has announced that it intends to sue the Department of Environmental Protection for their daughter’s injuries and suffering from the fall. Department workers who open manholes are supposed to block the sidewalk with warning signs in order to prevent pedestrian accidents such as these.

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