The ASR Hip News all Hip Replacement Patients Should Know

In 2010, the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular Hip System was recalled. Yet, in 2012 ASR hip news continues to break and ASR hips continue to be a concern to patients who received these hip replacements prior to the recall. Recently, the New York Times reported that hip replacement failures may cost taxpayers, insurers, and others billions of dollars.

The primary concern about ASR hips, and the reason that new reports of injuries and lawsuits continue to break is that metal on metal hip dislocation can result in serious, potentially fatal, problems. Metal on metal hip dislocation can cause metal to be released into a patient’s bloodstream and may cause the implanted hip to fail.

These problems will not happen for all patients who received DePuy ASR hip replacements. However, they are problems that patients should be aware of and should talk to their doctors about. Doctors can help ensure proper monitoring, which will hopefully lead to early treatment should you need it, and potentially keep you from adding to the bad news associated with ASR hip replacements.


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