Three Mile Island Radiation Leak Causes Workers to Evacuate

Located just south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Three Mile Island, the scene of the worst nuclear disaster in United States history, is again making headlines, this time for a radiation leak that forced the evacuation of 150 workers. According to an article, workers were generally exposed to low levels, although one worker was found to have been exposed to 16 millirems of radiation, which is the equivalent of about three X-rays worth. Reportedly, the leak did not pose a threat to public health or safety.

While there was no further mention of worker illness, any illnesses that do arise could result in the power plant being held accountable. Employers have an obligation to provide their employees with safe working environments, even in a place such as a nuclear power plant. In the event that an employee falls ill because of hazardous conditions in the workplace, the employee may have the right to seek compensatory damages from their employer. Such compensation can assist with costs associated with an accident or illness, such as medical bills, loss of wages, and physical therapy fees.

Hazardous work environments affect a considerable number of employees each year throughout the United States. Regardless of the situation that brings about the illness, it is important for individuals to remember that they have rights as employees. For all instances where it is suspected that an employer’s negligent action contributed towards an employee falling ill in the state of Pennsylvania, the services of a skilled premises liability attorney should immediately be retained.

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