Toy Recall Safety Tips for Parents: What You Don’t Know

Recently, Tracy Davidson from NBCPhiladelphia sat down with Miriam Benton Barish, a personal injury lawyer from the firm of Anapol Weiss, to discuss recalled children’s toys. Barish has years of experience handling product liability litigation.

Generally, a toy is only known to be defective, and then recalled, if a child is hurt. Each year, hundreds of children’s products are recalled. There have already been some significant defective child product recalls this year, such as the Fisher-Price recall, where over 10 million Fisher-Price products were recalled; and the Alexander drop-side cribs recall of over 10,000 cribs sold at JC Penny.

Just because a toy is recalled doesn’t mean a child won’t have access to it. There are many cases of children being injured from toys after they have been recalled. The defective toys aren’t always removed from doctor’s offices or from stores after it has been recalled.

Keeping up with what toys or children’s products are recalled can be difficult. Barish recommends parents visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website often to learn the latest in child product recalls. She also recommends signing up to receive email alerts from the CPSC to stay informed.

Barish also advises parents to register each toy they purchase for their children with the manufacturer. Registering a toy guarantees the manufacturer has contact information for their consumers, and if the situation arises where they need to notify consumers of any defects of any of their products, they can do so quickly.

When asked by Davidson to give the best advice to parents about to begin holiday shopping, Barish advised parents to be mindful of the age appropriateness of a toy and to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. She also told parents to stick with what’s tried and true-often, kids want the hot new “toy of the moment” but these toys may not have really been tested. Barish urged parents to stick with what they were familiar with to ensure their child’s safety.

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