Tractor-Trailer Crash Ties Up Pennsylvania Turnpike

The Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was tied up recently as two tractor-trailers crashed into one another, resulting in a fire and a complete blocking of the roadway between Lansdale and Quakertown. Based on an article, the Turnpike was blocked completely for about three hours, after which police and fire crews managed to open one lane to allow traffic that had been trapped for the entire three hours to squeeze through and exit the Turnpike.

The accident in Pennsylvania occurred as one tractor-trailer rear-ended the other. One of the two trucks was carrying a load of lumber, which caught fire and scattered across all lanes of the Turnpike. The driver of the truck carrying the lumber was injured in the accident.

On average, automobile accidents involving large trucks account for over 100,000 injuries on United States roadways each year. About 35% of these injuries are severe and life-altering. Approximately 5,000 deaths occur each year in tractor-trailer crashes. Although large trucks make up only three percent of all registered vehicles in the United States, they are responsible for over one-quarter of all vehicle-related deaths. The size and weight of large trucks increases the danger to other motorists who must share the roadways with them. This is particularly true when truck drivers are driving while fatigued, driving in unsafe ways, or hauling over sized loads, all of which may be negligent behavior.

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