Two Bills Targeting Young Drivers Aim to Reduce Distracted Driving in Pennsylvania reports that two bills that would increase the restrictions placed on young drivers are going to the Pennsylvania Senate after getting approved by the House on Tuesday, May 10. Both bills aim to reduce distracted driving, particularly among young drivers.

According to the article, the first bill restricts the number of passengers a junior driver is permitted to have in their vehicle. A junior driver is a motorist ages 16- and 17-years-old. These drivers would not be allowed to have more than one teen passenger in their vehicle at a time, in hopes to reduce talking and other distractions. However, younger siblings would be an exception, and having more than one younger sibling as a passenger would be allowed.

Additionally, the bill would increase the number of hours of practice a teen driver must have in order to receive their driver’s license from 50 to 65 hours. Many of the hours would also be required to be at night and in inclement weather. The bill would also require junior drivers to wear their seat belt or they may be stopped by police. In Pennsylvania, it is a secondary offense for drivers 18-years-old or older to fail to wear a seat belt, which means a police officer needs to have another reason to stop a motorist in order to cite them.

The second bill aims to reduce distracted or careless driving, such as using a cell phone or eating and drinking while behind the wheel, in an effort to decrease the number of Pennsylvania cell phone car crashes. However, careless driving, like seat belt violations, would be considered a secondary offense.

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