Vaccine Injury Lawyers obtain Settlements through VICP

The Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys at Anapol Weiss have a team of experienced vaccine lawyers that can assist victims in any state.

Vaccine injury claims are filed in vaccine court in Washington, D.C., regardless of where the victim resides. Vaccine claims are not lawsuits. They are claims often filed by a vaccine injury lawyer to request compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

The Anapol Weiss vaccine lawyers have obtained millions of dollars on behalf of people who experienced a severe vaccine adverse reaction.

Some of the most notable settlements achieved by the Anapol Weiss vaccine injury attorneys include $40 million for a boy who suffered vaccine encephalopathy after receiving the chicken pox vaccine, a settlement of $11.6 million for a woman who developed Guillain-Barre syndrome after a flu shot, and $460,000 for a woman who developed chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy as an adverse reaction to the flu shot.

To be considered for compensation, claims must be filed with the VICP before a strict deadline. Victims or loved ones interested in seeking compensation for a vaccine adverse reaction are urged to contact the vaccine injury lawyers at Anapol Weiss as soon as possible to ensure that eligible claims are filed by the deadline.

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