What To Do Immediately After An Auto Accident

Not taking appropriate immediate action after an auto accident is one of the most common mistakes made by auto accident victims, according to 7 Fatal Mistakes Victims of Accidents Make in PA and How to Avoid Making Them. This book, written by Pennsylvania car accident lawyer Christopher Marzzacco, is designed to guide auto accident victims through the claim process from the instant the accident happens to settlement and beyond.

How you conduct yourself after the accident can have an affect on the outcome of your case. If you are involved in an auto accident, stay calm and follow this protocol to avoid a fatal mistake that could harm your case.

1. Stop and pull over but do not block traffic.

2. Call 911 and be sure that all medical emergencies are treated.

3. Do not refuse medical treatment. You may need X-rays or other diagnostic tests to
diagnose your injuries. You will need records of these tests if you retain a Pennsylvania
car accident lawyer
to file an injury claim.

4. Call the police and cooperate fully with the investigating officers. Do not provide more than
the necessary details. Politely indicate that you are injured and would prefer to discuss
the accident in more detail at a later time. You should not speak to anyone about the
accident without first consulting with your Pennsylvania auto accident lawyer.

5. Do not discuss the accident with the other driver, and do not admit fault. Take note of
what is said if the other driver admits fault or discusses the accident with anyone at the

6. Ask the police officer for an “Accident Exchange Sheet” which will contain the other
driver’s information.

7. Advise the police officer of any independent witnesses while you are still at the scene.

8. Take photos of the accident scene, and be sure to include the damage that was done to
each vehicle, traffic lights and road signs, skid marks and any physical object that may
have been hit during the accident.

Follow these steps if you are involved in an auto accident and remember not to discuss details of the accident without speaking to an experienced auto accident attorney in Pennsylvania.

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