Wrongful Death Results from House Explosion

The website boston.com reported on February 21, 2009 that a scary scenario in Massachusetts may be an early indicator of what is yet to come, as a third home in many months exploded causing the death of a woman and her dog. Adding to this unusually tragic wrongful death accident; the New England Gas Co. had told firefighters who were in the area checking for high levels of gas that there was no need for them and that the gas company had everything under control.

Fire Chief Scott Jepson said, “Basically, they said there’s nothing much further for you right now . . . as far as fire services.”

Apparently the gas crew did not turn off the gas to the area, and within 20 minutes of them getting there, a home exploded. Rose Marie Rebello, 62 was found dead after the huge explosion along with her dog. Debris went flying and injured a worker from the gas company and a firefighter. Authorities also ordered 200 neighbors to evacuate. Last month a man was severely hurt in a house explosion and in December another man died.

Questions about the safety of the states 20,000 miles of pipelines are now on everyone’s mind. A large amount of those pipes are many decades old, and could pose a threat to public safety.

Stephon Connors, Director of Analysis at the MIT Energy Initiative, said, “I would say these explosions are early warning flags, if nothing else. There’s a body of evidence that our infrastructure is reaching old age and it needs the equivalent of a knee and hip replacement. This is not a new issue. We want to keep water, gas, and electricity rates down, but we don’t want to keep them down so much that it endangers public safety.”

Spokeswoman for the American Gas Association Laura Sheehan, a spokeswoman for the American Gas Association, said “I don’t think you can say these explosions are indicative of the degradation of the pipelines throughout the country. There’s no reason for panic.”

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