39-Year-Old Woman Files Lawsuit against Makers of Yaz

After suffering a stroke and additional related health problems, a 39-year-old Newark woman has filed a suit against Bayer Corp., the makers of the popular birth control product, Yaz. According to an insidebayarea.com article, the woman took Yaz, a prescription-only product, for four weeks in the summer of 2007 to help reduce premenstrual pains, which is one of Yaz’s advertised uses. She then suffered a stroke that resulted in six months of hospitalization.

In attributing her health problems to using Yaz, the woman had part of her skull temporarily removed, due to excessive swelling of her brain, until the affected portion of her skull was later replaced. The woman’s attorney stated that she also suffered a reduced IQ and is now close to being mentally handicapped in addition to experiencing a drastic change in her speech and mood.

Although Yaz is one of the most popular birth controls used in the world, it has been at the forefront of much debate and criticism for presenting additional health risks not associated with other birth-control pills. The woman in the aforementioned case and over 100 others have filed suit against Yaz’s maker, Bayer Corp.

In response to the 39-year-old woman filing suit, Bayer provided the following statement issued in the article: “Bayer has received lawsuits relating to its drospirenone-containing oral contraceptives. The company is in the process of gathering information on these cases, but the complaints we have reviewed so far pertain to side effects that are warned about in our approved product labeling. Bayer will defend itself vigorously against these lawsuits.”

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Source article: http://www.insidebayarea.com/oaklandtribune/localnews/ci_13619954?source=rss

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