Yaz and Yasmin Questions of Concern for Consumers

Even though the FDA has not issued a recall of popular birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin as of September 2009, it is understandable for many consumers to have various questions of concern regarding the serious medical conditions that can result from taking these medications. One of the main questions refers to what kinds of dangers are linked to Yaz and Yasmin.

First of all, both Yaz and Yasmin contain a type of hormone that most birth control pills do not contain. Drospirenone (DRSP) has been linked to be the cause of increasing a woman’s potassium levels, which can create health problems for a woman who has liver, adrenal, or kidney disease. There have also been multiple incidents of Yaz and Yasmin increasing the chances of a woman suffering deep vein thrombosis (blood clot), stroke, heart attack, and other serious medical issues.

Another major question that consumers have been asking is whether studies have been conducted to support claims that Yaz and Yasmin can inflict serious injury. One study performed in the Netherlands discovered that all birth control pills raise the risk of blot clots by five times. What is more shocking, however, is that due to containing DRSP, Yaz and Yasmin have been shown to increase the risk by 6.3 times. In recognizing these dangerous Yaz side effects, the FDA issued a letter of warning to Bayer, the drugs’ manufacturer, regarding questionable results from tests for key ingredients in the pills and said that many batches of the oral contraceptive should never have been given to the public.

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